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  • Have we just been reviewed by the CSA ?

    Well it depends how you look at it... Abby Lacson, a young aspiring astronaut who currently works for the Canadian Space Agency received some of ou...
  • Our Favorite Sounds Of Mars So Far (Thanks Percy ! )

    Here are our favorite sounds from Mars so far... Courtesy of Perseverance and the JPL team at NASA ! What a great time to be alive ! Scroll until t...
  • Perseverance Landing Live Stream 2:15PM EST

    To day is a big day (February 18th, 2021) ! Perseverance will attempt to land on Mars ! Follow the live stream from the NASA with us:
  • SpaceX Dragon first-ever Florida splashdown with cargo

    Another historic moment for us Astronomy lovers: January 12th, 9:05 a.m. EST (1405 GMT) Spacecraft: CRS-21 Stream:  
  • Stellar Cities: 6 Places in the US That Take Stargazing Seriously

    These small cities have worked hard to protect and enhance their most priceless amenities: dark skies and bright stars. Look up at the sky in most...
  • Using a Light Barrier To Repel Mosquitoes:

    We all love light. It allows us to drive in the dark and read at night; it allows food to grow and helps us measure the vast distances found in th...
  • Did you know that you were always moving, even in your sleep?

    Well the good news is that you do not ever have to worry about feeling like you're going nowhere in your life! You are actually constantly moving, thanks to the cosmos, let me break this down for you.