The Chart Of The Solar System Poster (With Borders)
The Chart Of The Solar System Poster (With Borders)

The Chart Of The Solar System Poster (With Borders)

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Important Note: This version includes borders on each side for easier stretching or framing (obviously, the red arrows are NOT printed). If you do not need these borders please go to the regular version of the Chart Of The Solar System here.


  • Includes borders on each side for easier stretching or framing (6.5% horizontally and 9.5% vertically)
  • Frame: No
  • Size(s): Depends on variant selected
  • Super durable no fade canvas
  • Material: Canvas
  • Ultra High-Resolution Print
  • High detailed poster

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Material? We are using Industry leading High-Quality Canvas for all our prints. Canvas is an art fabric specially treated to handle high-quality pigmented inks.

So... Why is Canvas so great? Compared to the usual Matte Paper that most stores use, Canvas has a much higher resistance and much better capacity to maintain the vibrance of colors.  Most people have to frame posters to achieve that level of vibrance and reflection. You won't need to with our Canvas, save the frame money for something else !

Can you package this as a gift? We see a purchase from us always as gift! (Yes a gift to yourself also counts as a gift...). Long story short, we package all of our Posters either directly in a gift style tube or with a beautiful gift style ribbon!

Is the packaging protective enough?
 Yes! Package Protection is Key for Posters! We are first placing the Poster in a sturdy tube and then protecting the tube with high resistance bubble wrap, which goes itself in a protective envelope! But don't worry if there is some transit damage, just get in touch with us, we'll find a solution!

Is the text clear enough? Extremely clear! Our print files all have a minimum size of  9000 x 6000 which corresponds to 54 000 000 (54 millions) pixels! We could print it on a wall and they would still be crystal clear!

Detailed Description

This chart aims to detail (pretty much) everything we know so far about our Solar System. An awesome way to learn about the place we live in (and decorate your room as well)!

Learn about the planets position, composition, orbit, history and much more. It also includes information about our comets, asteroids, and other astral objects!

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of what you can expect on our chart:

  • Planets
  • Moons
  • Comets
  • Asteroids
  • Compositions
  • Masses
  • Relative sizes
  • Distances
  • Orbits
  • Temperatures
  • Axes
  • Fun facts (how many earths can fit in the Sun...)

And much much more! The informative (and decorative) value here is HUGE!

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