Personalized Star Map

Personalized Star Map

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Your Sky, Your Stars

The day you met each other? The day your child was born? Or any other moment when the world changed forever for you?

Remember these thoughtful moments by reconstructing the sky's stars of this unique night...

Your Sky, Your Design, Your Message

Personalize your Sky Map thanks to our easy-to-use editor: background color, title, message and of course date and place.


  • Size(s): Depends on variant selected
  • Available in framed or unframed version
  • Material: Museum Quality Matte Paper
  • Ultra High Resolution Print

Framing details (if framed selected)

     Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is it made and where does it ships from? For Canada, the UK, Australia and most EU countries, this poster printed locally and ships domestically with premium services such as Purolator (Canada), Parcelforce 48 Express (UK), PSP Logistics (Australia). We are committed to local businesses. You support your communities buying from us.


    What is the Material? We are using Industry leading Premium Museum Quality Matte Paper. You will love how it brings out the colors and detailed while remaining very resistant.

    Is the packaging protective enough? Yes! Package Protection is Key for Posters! We are first placing the Poster in a sturdy tube and then protecting the tube which goes itself in a long triangle protective hard paper! But don't worry if there is some transit damage, just get in touch with us, we'll find a solution!

    Is the text clear enough? Extremely clear! Our print files all have a minimum size of  9000 x 6000 which corresponds to 54 000 000 (54 millions) pixels! We could print it on a wall and they would still be crystal clear!

    Are the maps accurate? Of course, yes ! But if you want to double-check, you can compare the map you create with our Personalized Star Map with any open source planetarium software before you order. We recommend