My Hero Academia : Izuku is the new Naruto

Many of us Astronomy lovers, also love Mangas and the Japanese culture in general. So today, I wanted to talk about My Hero Academia, a Manga any Otaku should at least be aware of. Many see Izuku as the direct successor of Naruto...

My Hero Academia Izuku and his friends

When did My Hero Academia started?

My Hero Academy (also known as MHA with the original title Boku No Hero Academia) is a manga published on July 7, 2014 in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Its author is Kōhei Horikoshi. It is currently being published (8 volumes are available in Japan)).

What is it about?

Midoriya Izuku is a teenager who lives in a world where the majority of the population is born with powers (called "Alter"). It is world superheroes and villains are common.

The Anime follows the amazing adventure of our little Izuku, who manages to join an elite superhero academy (Yuei) and gets mentored by the most powerful man in the world, his idol, the one and only All Might. The only issue is that our aspiring hero (i.e. Izuku) does not look likes he has an that power which we mentioned before, he does not seem to have an “Alter”. Though to be a hero without one.

So, is it good? Extraordinary? Why does it work?

Why does it work? Because yes it does and there are many reasons it does. It is a manga that is open to everyone and it can be read in different reading styles depending on the person (teenager or adults).

It's refreshing despite being a "basic" Shonen that aims to appeal pretty much "everyone". It is simple story that does not overplay or tries to trick you. All that thanks to a lovable and pleasant hero that you can follow and identify to. The different characters are certainly sometimes clichés, but that in my opinion are "good clichés".

One of the greatest strengths of the manga is its drawing, inspired by American comics, whose author is very fond of. It makes everything fluid and dynamic while remaining in the very specific style of Horikoshi (well, it's not as incredible as One Punch Man in terms of animation, but it certainly has a lot punch!)

It's been a while since I had watched a Shonen like this. Many will say, "Hey, but we have a lot of Shonens:  there's a One Punch Man, Demon Slayer. Vinland Saga, etc." Sorry guys I am not referring to the tag or the genre. I am referring to all the basic codes and rules of a Shonen, and in that regard One Punch Man or Demon Slayer both completely fail because they are trying to be special.

The last true Shonen I have read is Naruto: a small weak hero, with a lot of overpowered characters next to him, who grows to catch up then becomes even more powerful than all those overpowered characters.

My Hero Academia Izuku

It’s not perfect

Well, let’s admit it, it's my little crush and I talk about it as if it were perfect, but although it's simple and effective, it's still very simple, maybe too much.

It's true that people nowadays expect extraordinary and original mangas, with a crazy story. On this matter My Hero Academia is not there yet even though the potential possibilities are enormous (let’s not forget that the target audience is very young).

So, it's perfectly understandable that some people simply "don’t like it" or "have watched similar Shonens too often". Like all things, it’s not meant to please everyone.


In a nutshell

All this to say that, in my opinion, this manga is best work to transition from the "legendary trio" Naruto, Bleach, One Piece. Yes, I know, perhaps I am getting a bit too hyped, but let me be optimistic and think that My Hero Academia will one day be as popular as the big 3!

I really recommend it to people who have enjoyed the rise of Naruto and have good memories of the Ninjas of Konoha. I guarantee you will find the same satisfaction in reading/watching My Hero Academia. Izuku and his friends will surely bring back good sensations. For the others who see it as a random, common Manga, maybe it is not for you. I do hope that it does not end up in My Hero Academia: Shippuuden…

My Hero Academy is the first major success of Kōhei Horikoshi. It made debut in One-Shot before its release in the Weekly Shonen Jump called Boku no Hero/My Hero (The author also has two others completed Mangas: the Oumagadoki Zoo in 5 volumes and Barrage in 2 volumes).

My Hero Academia All Might

If you are looking for My Hero Academia goodies…

Since it is a relatively new Anime, it is still kind of hard to get our hands-on t-shirts, phone cases and other My Hero academia goodies.

Well, that is a thing of the past! I found an amazing shop called Saiyan Spark. It is mainly a francophone Anime goodies boutique. As you can guess, despite their name, they cover more than Dragon Ball. Their products a lot of Anime from Dragon Ball to One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, My Hero Academia (of course!), Demon Slayer and much more.

Any kinf of goodies you can think of they probably have it and their collections keep on growing every week. I have spotted t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, figurines, lamps, phones cases, keychains and much more.

Their Website is very clean, and everything is sorted into collections and they have an amazing customer service which answer usually within 24 hours. They also have a great fan base, especially on Instagram with a community of about 15 000 followers. They are also on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

I have ordered a My Hero Academia case for my iPhone and a Naruto one as well (the luminous phone case), all neat. Do not that their site is only available in French for now.

So that’s it! Be sure to check out their collections T-shirts My Hero Academia (for t-shirts duh!) and Coques My Hero Academia (for phone cases).

Coques My Hero Academia

Don’t hesitate to watch MHA, it’s amazing, thank you for reading until the end!

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